Supercharge your Vuetify experience with Premium Themes and official Apparel

Kickstart your next great application and support OSS all in the same process.

Vuetify is the #1 Component Library in the Vue framework with over 6 million downloads. It has one of the largest communities in the Vue ecosystem and has been in development since June 2016. Skies the limit with over 100 meticulously crafted Material Design components and a all the options you need to build beatiful interfaces.

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Custom Themes

Take your Vue/Vuetify experience to the next level with hand crafted themes.

Each theme is custom built by the author of Vuetify, John Leider. Looking for an Admin Dashboard? Vuetify has partnered with the popular theme site Creative Tim to bring high quality Admin Dashboards built using Vue and Vuetify.

Branded Clothing

Represent and support Vuetify by wearing official apparel

All of Vuetify's products are built with high quality materials and are available in a variety of colors and variants. Have a question about Vuetify products? Send us an email.

Supports OSS

All purchases go to the continued maintenance and development of the Vuetify framework.

The Vuetify store is built and maintained by the author, John Leider. All sales directly support the continued maintenance and development of the Vuetify framework. Like this theme? Buy it here.

John Leider

Chief Executive Officer
In the sky there are always answers and explanations for everything: every pain, every suffering, joy and confusion.

Heather Leider

Chief Operations Officer
Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.

Meet Our Team

Kael Watts-Deuchar

Core Developer
We long for things that harm us and run from the things that grow and heal us. We think good is bad and bad is good.

Albert Kaaman

Core Developer
It was unfair that people who longed for love the most, searched the hardest for it, found it so elusive.

Jacek Karczmarczyk

Core Developer
Sometimes I wonder, that one missing sock after doing laundry, is the smart one. After being unhappy for so long, it finally walks away from a frayed, worn-out relationship.

Andrew Henry

Core Developer
No matter how short or long your journey to your accomplishment is, if you don't begin you can't get there. Beginning is difficult, but unavoidable!

Dmitry Sharshakov

Core Developer
If you’re waiting for a path to emerge magically before you actively start building your dream, you’re going to be waiting for an awfully long time.

Brandon Deo

Community Manager
If we forgave for as long as we hold grudges, the world would be a healthier and happier place.

Sean Kimball

Core Developer
Stay hungry, stay foolish.

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