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Vendor: Mert Polat
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ENDTECH Ecommerce — is a modern Vuetify theme built on top of Nuxt. It is extremely customizable and built fully responsive with a beautiful design. With the use of Nuxt, the theme is perfectly optimized for SEO. ENDTECH Ecommerce comes with everything you need to build a successful ecommerce website.

This theme is built using Nuxt and assumes some knowledge and familiarity.

The ENDTECH Ecommerce theme features:

  • Vue, Vuetify and Nuxt
  • 20+ total custom designed components
  • 10+ complete pre-built page examples with Beautiful design 
  • Custom SASS / SCCS variables
  • Responsiveness on all devices
  • Integration with Material Design Icons
  • Free updates

    Quick Facts

    Vuetify is the number one component library for Vue and has been in active development since 2016. The goal of the project is to provide users with everything that is needed to build rich and engaging web applications using the Material Design specification. It accomplishes that with a consistent update cycle, Long-term Support (LTS) for previous versions, responsive community engagement, a vast ecosystem of resources and a dedication to quality components. 

    Reliable & regular updates. Themes are maintained by the author of Vuetify, John Leider.

    Professionally developed. All components and features are developed using the most up-to-date coding practices.

    Blazing fast & optimized. Themes are designed for maximum performance and are semantically structured to maximize SEO.

    Built on Vuetify. Being developed with Vuetify means you have access to all of the frameworks available features.

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