ENDTECH Modern Dashboard

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Vendor: Mert Polat
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ENDTECH Modern Dashboard - is a powerful & lightweight dashboard template based on Vue, Nuxt and Vuetify. It has a huge collection of reusable UI components, each designed with pixel-perfect precision that allows you to customize your dashboard. The theme also includes over 11 amazing built-in pages which are perfect for all of your dashboard needs!

- Nuxt Starter
        - 60+ Reusable UI Components
        - 11+ Amazing built-in Pages
        - 5+ Custom Made Apps
        - VueX State Management
        - Unlimited & Free Updates
        - Fully Responsive
        - Pixel Perfect UI
        - Dashboards
- Dashboard
- Dashboard v2
- Apps
- Chat & Messages
- Email
- File Manager
- Tasks
- Calendar
- Pages
- User Profile
- Contact Us
- Authentication
- Charts
- Error Page
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