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The Vuetify Material Kit is a collection of customized Material Design inspired themes built using Vue CLI. Setup a resume in minutes with built-in JSON resume support in the Portfolio theme, setup a custom crypto currency service page with the Crypto theme or create a custom software library and storefront using the Launcher theme. Individuals or Agencies who are providing Vue and Vuetify focused services can benefit from the 5 high-quality themes for their existing or next site:

  • Crypto—Crypto Currency Service site [demo]
    • 2 Page Product Advertisement Site
    • Exaggerated Material Design
    • Launcher—Software Store [demo]
      • A customized game / software / media interface
      • Advanced multi-store Vuex implementation
      • Material Dark Theme inspired
    • Portfolio—Dynamic Portfolio site [demo]
      • One page Freelancer/Portfolio
      • Built with the JSON resume specification
      • Material Dark Theme inspired
    • Landing—General Personal site [demo]
      • Clean and simple home page / blog interface
    • Activity Dashboard—Productivity and Task Tracker [demo]
      • A personal dashboard made to display status information from various sources

    Quick Facts

    • Reliable & regular updates. This theme is maintained by the author of Vuetify, John Leider.
    • Professionally developed. All components and features are developed using the most up-to-date coding practices.
    • Blazing fast & optimized. Themes are designed for maximum performance and are semantically structured to maximize SEO.
    • Built on Vuetify. Being developed with Vuetify means you have access to all of the frameworks available features.
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