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Material Kit Theme

Availability: Available
Vendor: Vuetify

The Material Kit Theme is a collection of customized Material Design inspired themes built using Vue CLI. Setup a resume in minutes with built-in JSON resume support in the Portfolio theme, setup a custom crypto currency service page with the Crypto theme or create a custom software library and storefront using the Launcher theme. Individuals or Agencies who are providing Vue and Vuetify focused services can benefit from the 5 high-quality themes for their existing or next site:

Live Preview  Live Demo

    • Crypto—Crypto Currency Service site [demo]
      • 2 Page Product Advertisement Site
      • Exaggerated Material Design
      • Launcher—Software Store [demo]
        • A customized game / software / media interface
        • Advanced multi-store Vuex implementation
        • Material Dark Theme inspired
      • Portfolio—Dynamic Portfolio site [demo]
        • One page Freelancer/Portfolio
        • Built with the JSON resume specification
        • Material Dark Theme inspired
      • Landing—General Personal site [demo]
        • Clean and simple home page / blog interface
      • Activity Dashboard—Productivity and Task Tracker [demo]
        • A personal dashboard made to display status information from various sources



        All applications are built using Vue and Vuetify and use best standards and practices for optimal performance and accessibility. Each template is built mobile first and scales down to 320px width (iPhone 5). Each theme supports all evergreen browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc) and Internet Explorer 11 (IE11).

        Each theme comes with full support for all of Vuetify's features including components, directives and more. For more information on available features, visit the API Explorer in the Vuetify documentation.

        Material Kit Theme Features:

        • Built on Vue & Vuetify using Vue CLI
        • 4 pre-made Themes
        • Developed and maintained by the author of Vuetify
        • Supports customized SASS / SCSS variables
        • RTL Included
        • Optimized for accessibility
        • Responsive support down to 320px width
        • Free Updates Forever
        • Support through Github
        • Integrated with Material Design Icons (mdi)
          • Also supports Material Icons and Font Awesome
        • Easily Customizable
        • Updated with each Vue and Vuetify release

        Support Options


        Which license do I need?
        License Information
        Standard I want to make a website for personal use that doesn't charge users.
        Extended I want to make a website that charges people (for goods/services).
        Unlimited I want to make unlimited websites that charge people (for goods/services).

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