Nitro - Vue 3 & Vuetify 3 Admin Pro

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Vendor: UI Lib
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🔥 First Vuetify 3 Admin 🔥

  • Nitro Admin Pro
    • Built with Vuetify 3 & Vue 3
    • 🔥 Live Preview

      • Nitro Admin – VueJs and Vuetify 3 Admin Dashboard Template is a clean, feature-rich, extraordinarily customizable & developer-friendly admin dashboard template.

        We’ve followed the highest industry standard for Nitro & wrote detailed documentation for ease of use & customization. Moreover, our dedicated support team is always ready to help you. You can also report bugs and submit feature requests HERE

        Nitro is Ultra Fast

        Nitro Admin Dashboard comes with stunningly designed equipped to apply dashboard interfaces, web page templates & components

        List of some pages & Features From Octavia Admin

        Octavia Provide Built-in Firebase Authentication, Prebuilt Applications with Mock Data to help you quickstart your project.


        • Authentication
          • FireBase
        • Vuex as State Manager
        • Vite Js & Vuetify 3
        • Fully Responsive
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