About us

Supercharge your Vuetify experience with Premium Themes and official Apparel

Kickstart your next great application and support OSS all in the same process.

Vuetify is the #1 Component Library in the Vue framework with over 6 million downloads. It has one of the largest communities in the Vue ecosystem and has been in development since June 2016. Skies the limit with over 100 meticulously crafted Material Design components and a all the options you need to build beautiful interfaces.

Vuetify is not a one person show. We have a very active and engaged team that is constantly striving to bring developers a better experience. Keep in mind the below is not an exhaustive list of all the individuals that help make Vuetify great.

While Vuetify (the framework) is MIT Licensed and Open Source Vuetify (the company) is owned and operated by John and Heather Leider as a full-time Open Source business. You can support them by sponsoring Vuetify on GitHub.