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Dash UI – Modern Vuetify 3 + Vue 3 Admin Dashboard Template

Dash UI – Modern Vuetify 3 + Vue 3 Admin Dashboard Template

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Dash UI is an outstanding and quickly accessible Vue 3 admin dashboard template created on framework Vuetify 3. Vuetify 3 is the collection of pre-built web components like default layouts, themes etc.


The vast range of features that make the web design template exceptional is a modern design, cross-browser compatibility, light-dark mode, multiple admin dashboards, navbar, dropdowns, breadcrumbs, pagination, placeholder, flexible layout, menu level, and many more.

The dashboard template is available with responsive web components and a customizable user interface. DashUI should be your first choice when it comes to the development of the admin dashboard. It is not only because of its outstanding features but also because of its support and comprehensive range of Vuetify 3 components.

Furthermore, the Vue.js Admin Dashboard Template fits all businesses such as Human Resources, Saas Tech Companies, Real Estate, Information Technology, Pharma Industries and many more. Also, the DashUI website template is enriched with modern elements that will make the website more appealing and user-friendly.

Features of Dash UI – Vuetify 3 + Vue 3 Admin Dashboard Template
  • 250+ Web Components
  • Menu Levels
  • 6+ Dashboard Designs
    • Analytics
    • Project
    • CRM
    • Ecommerce
    • Finance
    • Blog
  • Ecommerce Application Components.
  • Pinia for State management
  • Authentication Pages
    • Sign In
    • Sign up
    • Forgot
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Documentation
  • 100% Customizable
  • Fully Responsive

Built with
  • Built with Vuetify 3.5.3
  • Vuejs version 3.4.17
  • Axios For mock API data.
  • Javascript support.
  • Pinia for State management
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