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Mantis - Vue3 Typescript based Admin Dashboard Template

Mantis - Vue3 Typescript based Admin Dashboard Template

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Unleash the potential of your projects with Mantis, a cutting-edge solution that goes beyond the ordinary. This template isn't just about professional design and flexibility – it's a gateway to innovation. With a rich library of over 200 Vuetify components and five conceptual apps, Mantis equips you with a versatile toolkit for crafting unique, feature-rich applications. Its advanced features, including authentication methods, code splitting, and internationalization support, redefine the possibilities of backend development. The seamless integration of Vue 3 Composition API, Google Fonts, and Prettier Code Style elevates coding to an art form. Mantis isn't just a template; it's a transformative experience backed by comprehensive documentation.

Key Features:

  • Professional Design: Mantis boasts a fully professional-grade user interface, making it the ideal choice for any backend project.
  • Flexible Solution: Enjoy unparalleled flexibility when working with the Mantis Vue Template, adapting effortlessly to your project's unique requirements.
  • Effective Documentation: Need assistance? Explore our comprehensive Documentation guide for step-by-step guidance and best practices.

Designed for Efficiency:

  • 128+ Pages: Explore a wealth of handcrafted, user-friendly pages designed to elevate your project's user experience.
  • 200+ Vuetify Components: Harness the power of Vuetify Vue, the most popular Vue platform, with a diverse library of over 200 components.
  • 5+ Conceptual Apps: Discover five fully functional apps tailored to complement your Vue project seamlessly.

Empowering Your Backend Project:

  • Versatile Auth Methods: Choose from a range of authentication methods to suit your project's security needs.
  • Code Splitting: Optimize your application's performance with efficient code splitting techniques.
  • CRUD Application: Streamline data management with built-in Create, Read, Update, and Delete functionality.
  • Internationalization Support: Reach a global audience with built-in internationalization support.
  • Smart Search: Enable users to find information swiftly with an intelligent search feature.
  • Dynamic Theming: Seamlessly switch between Light, Dark, or Semi-Dark themes to suit user preferences.
  • Vue 3 Composition API: Leverage the power of Vue 3 Composition API for efficient state management.
  • Google Fonts Integration: Enhance typography with a vast selection of Google Fonts.
  • Prettier Code Style: Maintain a consistent and aesthetically pleasing codebase with Prettier Code Style.

Create a powerful backend project with the robust design system of the Mantis Vue Template, offering unparalleled flexibility, functionality, and a visually stunning user interface.

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